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03 The Attributes of God – God’s Knowledge

Jul 21 2016

By: Lee Dodd Scripture: John 21:17; Psalm 139:2-4 Series: The Attributes of God

In this episode we take a brief look at God’s knowledge. According to Scripture, God’s knowledge is exhaustive. There is not anything our God doesn’t know. Positively, we would say our God knows all things. According to Isaiah, God knows the end from the beginning. His knowledge of creation is so deep and intimate that he knows the very number of hairs upon our heads. This is a true comfort to Christians. The God who knows us so well cares for us so deeply. Yet, for the unbeliever, this is a terror. Their sins will find them out and they will one day stand before Jesus Christ in the judgment. They will have to give account before the one who knows all things.